Links to Existing Calendars
Name Description Administer
Calendars not in any Group
Biotek_Synergy Biotek Synergy Calendar NRB 850  
CLC_Genomics_Calendar Use this calendar to reserve time on the FACScalibur device  
Fluorescence_Microscope Microbiology Microscope  
HIM_10_Conference_Room HIM 10 Conference Room  
New_Microscope New Department Microscope NRB 1037c  
NRB_1031 NRB Seminar Room  
NRB_833 NRB 8th Floor Conference Room  
NRB_9th_Floor_Fishbowl NRB 9th Floor Fishbowl  
Sky_Lounge NRB 8 Sky Lounge  
Typhoon_Scheduling Typhoon Calendar  

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