Typhoon Scheduling

Usage Policy:

The Typhoon is available 24/7 to on-Quadrangle Microbiology faculty and their laboratory members.

Off-Quadrangle Microbiology faculty, Microbiology-affiliated faculty and members of their laboratories
may use the Typhoon after 5pm Monday-Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

You may reserve time online, but you MUST still sign the logbook when you use the machine.

Please include your phone number in your reservation.

Questions? Please email Susan Carlson.

September 2017
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Instructions: To reserve the imager, please click the Login link below using "hms" as a username and "mbib" as the password.
Click on the date (number) - add your name and lab in the Event Description field and select the time you will be using the imager.
Finally, click "Create Event"
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